Hi all,

This space is not only about bringing awareness to the discrimination that non-Caucasians have faced during their job search in Taiwan, but also a space where you can have the chance to let your own personal story be heard. TADIT is a group that whole-heartedly offers support to victims of discrimination in Taiwan, and it is here that you can share your story. We believe that in writing down your story, allowing the internal feelings of victimization to seep out onto a blank canvas, you’re one step closer to not having to suffer alone. It always helps to tell someone, and so it is here that we welcome you to speak up and not suffer in silence.

You can contact us at if you’d like to share your story. We have a talented bunch of translators at the ready who will help translate your story for free and then we will publish your story here on TADIT. If you’d like to remain anonymous, we will totally respect your wishes.

As well as sending your stories in to us, we also really encourage you to read through the stories sent in by others. You can find them in the archives on the right column of our blog.

The more stories we share, the better our chances of helping Taiwan shift its outlook on what, right now is a completely unequal society.




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