brown eyes and blue eyes racism experiment

45 years ago, racism was being was being tackled by revolutionaries like teacher Jane Elliott. Today, we continue to try and abolish it. When will it end?


a step in the right direction

Here is what Annie submitted as proof in her successful labor department claim from 2012. It was a very difficult decision for her, regarding whether or not to report this case, as the hiring manager was a genuinely nice person who seemed to share the same vision as TADIT, in ending discrimination against non-Caucasian teachers.

In the end however, she decided that the issue of hiring discrimination in Taiwan was bigger than the both of them and submitted the claim in the hopes of making a small dent in this common and wide spread issue.

This win, along with others we have seen recently show us that change can happen if you are willing to put in the effort and take a stand.

Imagine if all schools in Taiwan were aware that hiring discrimination could result in legal financial repercussions….