These memes have been made in order to bring awareness to the fact that skin colour does not determine one’s ability to teach English. We hope that we can each make one and start spreading the word. You can make your own “I ♥ My E.T.” memes by using the templates provided at the bottom of this page. If, however, you’re not tech-savvy, don’t fret; send us your photo to and we will upload it here for you.


69243_10151550755284042_469066888_n 487515_10151480868562072_1803634934_n 804381_10152611661275314_1094561937_n 644340_10151556124002216_1620671632_n 578312_10151498786814932_1749687769_n 578082_10151498731679932_1791700105_n 537582_10151475658368221_2086919611_n72414_111871685669838_1059751588_n






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